An anthemic party from start to finish that evolves and carries a well-defined mood.  This is a perfect electronic album.  The first edition of this album, released several days before a cover-redesign, contains an obvious allusion to the title’s “randomness”.  Not quite random — more R-A-T.  Deadmau5 is a rat.

It’s surprisingly self-loathing, deep and self-aware.  That title puts an entirely new spin on the music itself.  “Deadmouse — Rat”.  In the most basic of respects, it’s calling out the truth — that he knows that a mouse is just a rodent is just a rat.  Additionally, Deadmau5 would like to think of his music as complex and moving, but he’s very much aware of the criticism he receives, as evidenced by the R-A-T title, consciously or un.  What isn’t embraced enough, however, is how Deadmau5 thrives on simplicity and is in a high-tier of Electronic music because of it.

Each layer of sound is meticulously programmed to sound like candy, and what ends up happening is an anticipation for very minimal trance — exactly what this album provides.  In the wrong mindset, this is repetitive, computerized programming — it’s dead. In reality, it’s a dedication to the 4/4 beat.  It’s a celebration begging to be experienced through dance.  It’s a monster (‘RAT’) of an album, lasting a full CD’s length at 70 minutes, grabbing you as soon as the music fades in.

Listen: “Arguru